Monday, September 19, 2011

Secret Double Life

I know that only a handful of people read this blog and I don't know who all they are (blogger just gives me location and operating system), but I have a confession to make. This has been my secret blog, written under a pseudonym. I have realized that I was missing out on so much by doing it this way, so have decided to just go ahead and keep my "real" blog. I stopped writing on the real one a year or so ago out of fear that my mother-in-law was reading. After months of encouragement from my dear husband, I'm giving up on that fear and going back to it.

Here's my full reasoning:
Do Not Be a Thief

So feel free to follow me over. I've already transferred over the entries.

p.s. The name I chose here was a combination of the play name I always used growing up and my "Hollywood" name. Find out your Hollywood name. Use your middle name as your first name and use the street you grew up on as your last name. One of those fun childhood games.